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CreatiVants is an internet marketing and branding company designed to add value to your business. We have a unique team of specialized Search Engine Optimization strategist, graphic designers, website coders, and creative writers. Are transparent with the clients we choose to accept, and over-deliver results. While we can not guarantee a top listing search ranking, we deliver significant value for all of our customers, backed by professional services.

The search engines are always judging metrics across the millions of websites online because they want to provide the best results for the search terms entered.  Engines such as Google change their algorithmic formal (the coding that provides the ranking of the results) nearly every day, and often even multiple times a day.

Why do they change the code so much?

They must alter their code because there are services out there that try to manipulate the system in an attempt to fool the search engines to rank their sites higher.  Usually, this will work for a little while until Google figures out the loophole and closes it.  Often this results in smacking those sites into the depths of cyberspace, never to be found again. It is called “de-indexing.”

At CreatiVants, we work with quality clients who are interested in adding value to the online world in the form of information and services.  We help our clients to present their information in a way that is not only meeting the search engine best practice guidelines, but Google will, in fact, want to promote your information.

You have no commitment to continue with our service if you are not happy with it.  We will just close out our agreement. However, we get results, so I am sure you will be happy.